Revolution MMA Benton Featured Student Review : Congratulations Muay Thai Kickboxing Student Andrew Perez On High School Diploma

That’s right, here at Revolution MMA in Benton AR we are focused on more than just “fighting” and “working out”. We are focused on improving quality of life for all of our students. We are focused on helping members reach their personal goals on and off the mat. At Revolution MMA Benton we are pleased to congratulate Andrew Perez on his High School Graduation. Andrew graduated from Benton High School, class of 2014.

Andrew had been training in the Muay Thai Kickboxing program at Revolution MMA in Benton AR since 2010. Since that time, Andrew has grown into a successful young man and an excellent kick boxer. But more than just teaching youth kicking and punching, here at Revolution MMA Benton we work to empower youth to learn life skills that will serve them off the mat.   Andrew has been the most faithful “student helper” at Revolution MMA Benton that we have had.  Andrew assists with cleaning the gym and other “odd jobs”.  He is always faithful and committed to show up and most importantly trustworthy.  In addition to his kickboxing training, Andrew also plays on the High School Football Team and was a member of the Benton High School Wrestling Team his junior year.

When asked about the program Andrew’s mother Elvia said “It’s the best thing I’ve done for my teenage son.” (read Elvia’s review of Revolution MMA Benton along with many other real Revolution MMA Benton Reviews.)

Again, from all of us here at Revolution MMA Benton we just want to say we are proud of you Andrew for all of your hard work! It’s been a pleasure to have you in our program!

Revolution MMA Benton Review

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Who Is Little Rock’s Best Martial Arts Gym? Revolution MMA in Benton, AR!

Hey there all, We just wanted to give a quick shout out to our awesome students and fans. In April 2014, CityVoter held the “Best of” Voting Contest to see who was Little Rock’s Best in their respective categories. We were so happy to hear Revolution MMA in Benton, AR won “Best Martial Arts Gym in Little Rock, AR” and the surrounding areas! Click here to read the full press release.

The contest was held on the City Voter Website in April 2014, and Revolution MMA Benton received the most votes and reviews out of 7 total competing Martial Arts Gyms in Little Rock and surrounding areas. Be sure to check out some of the Revolution MMA Benton Reviews while you are there too!

To our awesome customers and fans we just want to say Thank you! It goes without saying the reason Revolution MMA Benton is so great is because of each and every one of our students….without you guys, Revolution would never be what it is today! Each and every person in every class ads to the overall experience and we want you to know you are valuable!

We look forward to seeing you all back on the mat in classes. Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming Kickboxing workshops. We have a lot coming up with the Jiu Jitsu program as well. Revolution MMA Benton is in full force for 2014.

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Revolution MMA in Benton, AR offers World Class Muay Thai Kickboxing. Live the life you were meant to live.