Upcoming Muay Thai Kickboxing Event at Revolution MMA Benton

Hey all, First, welcome to Revolution’s Muay Thai Kickboxing blog site. I’ll be posting all sorts of news from the mat: upcoming events, training tips, and any and everything I think you might find useful.

First and foremost I want to say Kickboxing class has been unreal! We have some seriously good sparring going on in advanced class and in beginners class I am so proud of everyone’s kicks. We’re working head movement and basics.

Now, April 18 we have a special Kickboxing seminar with William McGlothlin. Some of you know William, he’s been here before. His sons are both World Champions and great fighters. I’m sure you’ll love William’s seminar and a new perspective. It’s always great to attend semianrs for that very reason. We work hard to bring in good, knowledgeable coaches who can give you a new and different perspective on things. Sure, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. We’ll make sure we never have you do it wrong. But.. there’s more than one right way. The strategies and methods that may work for me may not work for your preferred style of fighting. That’s where a new and different perspective helps. You’ll leave armed with new strategies and tools for your sparring arsenal.

Here’s all the information and feel free to sign up on facebook!

If you are interested in Muay Thai Kickboxing and have not had a chance to check us out here at Revolution MMA, Don’t delay.

Life’s passing you by and it’s never too late to be what you could have been!

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