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Not Only Will You See Many Of The Benefits You’ll Get By Giving Revolution’s Muay Thai Kickboxing Program A Try, You Can Check Out Real Revolution MMA Benton Reviews Plus You’ll Get To Try US Absolutely FREE At Our World Class Facility: Revolution MMA in Benton, AR!

You’re about to see how the Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes at Revolution MMA in Benton, AR have been helping all kinds of people in the Central Arkansas area get into the best shape of their lives using one of the most unique and fun martial arts in the world… the art of Muay Thai (also known as “Thai Boxing”).

“The Most Kick-Butt Striking System On The Planet???”



That’s a bold statement to make, but in order to see the effectiveness of Muay Thai striking in action, all you have to do is watch ANY mixed martial arts (MMA) competition anywhere in the world. Just about all of the world’s best fighters know at least some aspects of Muay Thai kickboxing.

On top of that, Muay Thai kickboxing is known by “in the know” martial artists and fighters for its phenomenal power. We’re talking fight-ending, knockout power!

But what a lot of people don’t know is…

“You don’t have to be a fighter to enjoy Muay Thai Kickboxing training!”

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing training! It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, big or small – everyone and ANYONE can experience the thrill of training real deal Muay Thai kickboxing. You don’t need a martial arts background and you don’t have to be in shape before getting started, either; that’s what we’re here to help you out with – so don’t worry about it – just come in, have fun and enjoy your training. No matter what level you start at, you will improve dramatically and see results even faster than you might expect.


“For me, Revolution MMA in Benton is the best school to train MMA in Arkansas. At Revolution MMA, they have a big structured program, teachers that are real fighters and still competing, and they have knowledge in jiujitsu, wrestling and kickboxing. In addition they have multiple locations where I can train, with classes for all levels from beginner to advanced. Whenever I am in the US, I always go train at Revolution MMA in Benton, AR.”

~Marcelo “Pato” Pereira

6-2 Professional MMA

BJJ Black Belt

3x World Jiu Jitsu Champion

3X Brazilian National Jiu Jitsu Champion


PROFESSIONAL STAFF, OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTORS, OVERALL GREAT PLACE….If you are looking for a place for your children or yourself to gain good athletic skills or simply get in shape, then this is the place to go. Revolution’s professional staff and facility provides the adequate safe training you need to obtain your goals. Without a doubt, Revolution is setting the standards for other gyms to follow. They are a leader inside this industry. The best way to see what I am mentioning is to try their trial program.”

~Steve S


“I joined the Muay Thai Kickboxing class at Revolution MMA Benton back in June of 2010 and have loved it ever since! Just graduating college I was looking for something new in life to challenge me. I have found just that. What I like most about the class is toning your body to a healthier stronger state, but doing it in a way that is a lot of fun. Not only being able to learn self discipline but also protection. The people in class are fun and easy to work with and they are very supportive. I am so glad to have found a gym with the people and the instructors such as Abby Malone that will take the time and that wants to make sure you get it and do it right. Abby supports you and pushes you to strive harder than the class before .I know I have learned so much in techniques over the year but so much eager to learn more. I live an hour away from the gym but to me it’s worth the drive plus the time and effort. I can’t ever wait till the next class! Over all the best place to train in any manner!”

~Raven N


Through the course of my career I have had the opportunity to work with many great leaders. Each has their own particular style and approach to building success, yet a rare few have stood above the rest and built the lives of their community. It is a rare breed to find those strong enough to lead but with the open hand of compassion for those around, to which Jory and Abby Malone stand amongst the highest rung of leaders.

 While their resume provides a long list of awards and accolades for their athletic accomplishments, well beyond the limelight of success at the highest level of sport is their commitment to their sport and improving their community. Whether serving as brilliant ambassadors to their sport or tackling the concerns of child, Jory and Abby Malone are extraordinary coaches and leaders in not simply their sport but all of society. 

Without qualification I wholehearted support the work of Jory and Abby Malone and have utmost confidence in the services they provide to their sporting discipline and community action.”

 In faith,

John K. Davies

Founder Renegade Training International

Legendary Coach and Sports Mastermind


Revolution MMA has changed not only my life but my husbands as well! Abby and Jorey are great instructors. They bring their love and respect of the martial arts to their classes, and fully engage every student individually! While there are many great physical/health benefits to the training, the sense of accomplishment, self respect, and confidence gained through the training are indescribable; and this makes REVOLUTION MMA in Benton the most positive martial arts experience in central Arkansas! “

~Sarah W.




“What can training Muay Thai Kickboxing at Revolution MMA Benton Do For Me?”

MMA Arkansas


Here’s some of what you’ll learn along with what you’ll get by training Muay Thai Kickboxing with us at Revolution MMA….




  • You’ll learn devastating knockout strikes and build that kind of power in your punches and kicks 
  • Develop fight-ending power in your punches, kicks, elbows and knees
  • How to defend yourself and take control of an attacker from the “clinch” position (when you’re in really close quarters) or when someone grabs you
  • Battle-tested striking techniques that work in the cage, in the ring or on the street (these techniques could save your life)
  • How to control an attacker once they get in the clinching range (perfect for military and law enforcement)
  • Muay Thai training improves focus and concentration and also increases eye/body coordination
  • Discover sport-specific Muay Thai exercises and drills you can do on your own so that you can get a great workout even if you can’t make it to class every day
  • Be surrounded by dedicated, committed students (being in a training environment like ours, with other committed athletes, provides a more positive environment that makes it even easier to learn quickly and efficiently)
  • A method of self defense from your feet that’s been proven effective by fighters all over the world (it’s not “theoretical” mumbo-jumbo like many other martial arts teach)
  • Learn battle-tested techniques developed by ancient warriors in Thailand and built upon over the years by champion Thai Boxing fighters





  • No experience required (anyone can enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai regardless of age, sex, size or experience level; you’ll get a ton of value out of our Thai Boxing program whether you’re a brand new beginner just trying it out or a seasoned veteran)
  • How to improve your focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination (no matter what your current level of fitness or athletic ability)
  • Muay Thai is a fun and exciting training method that BURNS BODY FAT and gets you in incredible shape
  • Train at your own pace (we will push you, but you won’t ever be forced to spar or compete unless you absolutely want to; we train everyone regardless of age, fitness level or experience. Whether you want to compete or not, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai kickboxing)
  • You’ll discover all about how “Muay Thai is all about power!”
  • Get fit without getting hit (we never force our students to spar; of course, we have separate sparring classes available, but only for those who truly want to give sparring a try)
  • Learn techniques that can be used in almost any self-defense situation (Muay Thai kickboxing is very “real-life” applicable)
  • You’ll see why Muay Thai is considered by most of the world’s top fighters to be the most effective standup striking martial art ever created
  • Muay Thai training develops mental toughness and physical strength
  • Not only is Muay Thai one of the most effective fighting styles, it’s an effective stress reliever (our happily-involved students love being able to come to class and let off some steam in a positive way)
  • You’ll be working out with a purpose (no more boring gym workouts or mind-numbing treadmill sessions)
  • Fun, safe and exciting environment (working out will not seem like a “chore,” it’ll actually be something you look forward to)
  • You’ll enjoy a whole new variety of activities after beginning our Muay Thai kickboxing program and getting in great shape
  • Stay motivated to train (We have high energy classes that are fun and exciting. You’ll be constantly learning new things.)
  • Discover the science and mechanics of proper striking (kicking, punching, footwork, head movement, offense and defense)
  • You’ll develop cardio along with power (yes, with Muay Thai training, you’ll be able to increase your cardio and get stronger at the same time)
  • Train in a positive atmosphere (in our Muay Thai classes, you’ll be able to get a great workout, learn the world’s most effective striking techniques all while having fun)
  • You see how Muay Thai training is a complete full body workout that builds strength and increases cardio (it works the entire body from head to toe)
  • You’ll be working out with our dedicated, committed instructors (Your progress as an athlete is our main concern. We are 100% committed to YOUR success. You tell us what your personal goals are and we’ll help you achieve them.)
  • Fat loss doesn’t have to be like torture (lose weight without getting bored by training Mauy Thai with us)
  • You’ll get to release your stress in a positive atmosphere so that you can be more productive and enjoy life more (not much is better for relieving stress than hitting a heavy bag)
  • And more…




This list of benefits could go on and on. So let’s check out some more Revolution MMA Benton Reviews from our real  happily-involved students who are enjoying our World Class Muay Thai Kickboxing classes and more…


“Since joining Revolution MMA in Benton, AR I’ve lost weight, gained confidence and met some wonderful people. Everyone at Revolution from beginner to advanced level fighters are there to help you attain your fitness goals, whatever they be. I love it!”

 - Chris Champagne (former professional soccer player)




“When I came to Revolution I weighed 285 lbs. I was inactive and needed change in my lifestyle. I will say that starting out was not easy and it was hard work. But the benefits are guaranteed! I’ve lost 40 lbs and I feel great. I’m stronger, faster, and more flexible than ever. I’ve made some good friends and look forward to every class. In addition, I just had my first Kickboxing fight, something I thought I’d never do. Come join us, you will have fun!”

~ Paul S.



“My now almost 16 year old daughter began Kickboxing at Revolution MMA last year, it has drastically improved her self-confidence! She loves practices and never wants to miss! She gets so much exercise and in a fun way that also teaches her how to protect herself. Jory and Abby are wonderful, they work well with everyone and it has become more like a family. She always comes home telling me about the wonderful people she works with. I am looking forward to some daytime classes that I can attend, Thank you Abby for taking care of my girl and teaching her to take care of herself!!”

~Dawn A

Revolution MMA Benton


“I have been in the Martial Arts for 10 years off and on before starting the kickboxing program with Abby. I thought I was in good enough shape to be able to keep up. I was very wrong, the workout was quite intense. But the great thing about it is I can vary the intensity to fit my personal goals and needs. The team atmosphere is great, and pushes you to become better each day. Over the past 6 months I have gone from 220 lbs to 183 lbs. My core strength has improved and my stamina increases every day!”

~Jonathan Miller


 “Quality Muay Thai Kickboxing Training Is Hard To Find”

A big problem many people who want to start taking Muay Thai Kickboxing Lessons have is that they can’t find a quality school to train at. There are just not many good schools out there that are qualified to train people in the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing. Sure, a lot of schools “say” they’re good, but the reality is that good, quality Muay Thai schools are hard to find.

That’s the bad news… the GOOD news is that you live close by to the top Muay Thai school in your area: and that school is the all too well known Revolution MMA in Benton, AR. And, for a limited time, we’re offering a Free Trial Offer so you can see if our proven Muay Thai Kickboxing training system meets your needs.


Kickboxing Classes Arkansas

FREE Trial Offer!

Call Us Now!







Once you call our academy at 501-776-0606 and schedule a time that’s good for you to come see us, we’ll give you a tour of our academy, you’ll get a free introductory lesson and you’ll also get a free one-on-one consultation with one of our highly-trained program counselors so we can figure out if we can meet your needs.

Need More PROOF:

Boxing Classes Hot SpringsI have done boxing since I was a kid. I started kickboxing at about 19. I am not a professional fighter; I don’t have much desire to go be the next UFC star. I am a regular guy, who has a good knowledge of the professionals because of my time at Revolution MMA Benton.

I do kickboxing because it is great for my health! For one, I can lose about 2-3 hundred calories or more in an hour long session. When I spar, it is about 400 calories or more! It’s an excellent overall workout for strength and conditioning. In class, I determine what I want to do, and how hard I work. There is something for everyone, whether it be individuals like me who are looking to get in shape, or the competitors who train more vigorously.  Revolution MMA Benton provides a controlled safe environment for all classes, and I know I am in good hands at Revolution. The staff members have competed internationally and at all levels from Amateur to Professional MMA. They regularly send members of the competition team to compete as well, starting them with a good basic knowledge, which increases as their own skills increase.

One of the better aspects of the program at Revolution is the guest instructors brought in to train with us. Revolution offers several seminars a year in which different instructors will give you different aspects of the game and share their individual knowledge with us.  This helps me grow my skill set and my overall confidence.

I really enjoy training at Revolution. The people at Revolution enjoy being around one another; we frequently have social events outside of the gym, which allows everyone to make new friends and have fun.

~Michael M.



“Revolution MMA in Benton, AR  is the best in the business hands down! Great instructors, great students, great learning atmosphere. The staff and students create a new and exciting atmosphere for learning. If your serious about training and putting in the work to meet your own personal physical goals this is the place and the people to do it with. Its a team not a gym everyone is here and willing to help. 205 lbs when I walked in the door the first day, now i am at a competitive 160 lbs. The results speak for themselves.”




“If you’re thinking about giving our Muay Thai Kickboxing program a try, then this will be the smartest decision you can make for yourself.”


Give us a call NOW to start our amazing Free Trial Program so you can experience the thrill of Muay Thai Kickboxing training with us! Don’t wait. Call us NOW.


At Revolution MMA in Benton, AR, we make it easy to get started right away. Just give us a call and let us know you are calling about the Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes and ask for our Trial Offer! (Our phone lines are open 24-hours a day, so you can give us a call and speak with a live person even if it’s 3:00am in the morning.)

“You Really Can’t Afford Not To Try
Our Free Trial Program at 
Revolution MMA in Benton, AR 

Here’s even more PROOF:

Kickboxing Classes Little Rock“I have trained in martial arts for over 30 years, and I feel strongly that you will be hard-pressed to finding a better place to train than Revolution MMA in Benton, AR. I know that you have many choices in terms of training, but I highly recommend you train with Jory and Abby Malone. First, they have the credentials. Whether you are looking for success in competition or general physical fitness, Jory and Abby have worked hard to obtain the credentials for education, training, and application. Their competition record speaks for itself. But more important than their own competition success, I see the ability to help their students succeed. What truly sets them apart is the combination of hard work, scientific training, and personal investment that they make with every student who walks in their school, whether it is to become an expert competitor or simply get in shape.

As an educator and counselor, I can attest to the professionalism that Jory and Abby display when teaching, whether for kids or adults. They provide a solid curriculum and expert strategies to encourage personal success through traditional values across all skill levels for any age.”


Richard S. Balkin, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC

7th Degree Black Belt, Taekwon-Do

Associate Professor

Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi




“Yes! I want to give your Muay Thai Kickboxing program a try for FREE!”

Here’s exactly what to do:

Call our academy at 501-776-0606 to schedule your free tour, free consultation and free introductory lesson. That’s it! (Simple, right?)

Once you come see us, we have no doubt you’ll be blown away with what we can do for you. In fact, we’re so confident in our program that we’re willing to let you try our program for 30 days free. On top of that, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee; that means that if you give us a fair shot for 60 days and you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your money on the spot (but we highly doubt you will). You simply won’t find another academy in your area that can match that offer.

If you think Muay Thai training is something you might want to try, why not come see for yourself if you’ll like it? Give us a call right now at 501-776-0606 and let us help you get started.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try our FREE Trial Offer at Revolution MMA Benton?


Abby Malone

P.S. You have absolutely no obligation to join when you come in for a visit. All we’re asking is for you to give us a fair try to let us prove to you exactly what we can do for you – that’s why we let you give our program a try for a full 30 days absolutely FREE – but you must call NOW because who knows how long this promotion will last. We GUARANTEE you’ll absolutely LOVE it (that’s why we have our iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee)!

P.P.S.  If you have any questions, schedule your initial consultation and when we meet we can sit down and go over all of them in detail. 501-776-0606. Call Now. See you soon!